Monday, April 18, 2011

Monday Funday - NOT!

It's Monday - that pretty much sums up how my day is going.  I realized this morning that I didnt buy anything to take to work for lunch this week so... I'm lunch-less and I refuse to buy anything in the caf because of their outrageous prices. 
I got all ambitious this weekend thinking that I can be the next cool WAHM and made AI2 diapers so I went out and bought $200 worth of fabric/fleece/snaps/elastic ect - came home, sewed my first diaper and it was a flop...but hopefully I'll get better with practice... I better get better with practice!

Boo is growing up so fast!  Seems like I cant look away for a second without missing something.  She's such a sweet little girl - funny and always happy!  I never knew I could survive with my heart outside of my body - that's how much I love my Boo! 

This is my most recent favorite picture - she's adorable!

Monday Love!
Signed - Boo's Mom

Monday, April 4, 2011

It's been a while!

Wow - I just started my blog and I'm already slacking off - go me!  Let's go with bullet points to sum things up so I dont ramble on.... here goes!

- Boo got a new Radio Flyer wagon from Daddy!  It was a surprise - look at my chunky munchkin sitting up like a big girl in her new wagon!  We cant wait for the nice weather to take her outside in it!

- Boo is almost 6 months old!!!!!  We have her 6 month Dr appointment today, I cant wait to see how much my chunker weighs!  She's such a good eater!  Last time she was in the 95th percentile so we'll see!

- Work is work... I'd much rather be home - but if I stayed home, Boo wouldnt be able to have such nice things like her red wagon!!!

- Spring is finally here (although it may not feel like it).  We had one nice day and I was able to take Boo outside for the first time ever - other than to and from the house/store to the car.  Here's a pic!

I love how the sun is giving her a halo - she's my angel!

- We had Boo's 6 month pictures done last week - I love the way they came out!  As a backdrop, I brought my quilt that my Grandmother made for me - since Boo is names after my Grandmother, Olivia, I thought it would be nice to have the quilt in the pictures and it worked really really well!  My Grandmother never got to meet Boo - but I'm sure she had a say in picking out the right baby for me!  Boo is a Godsend!  She's such a great baby, always happy & smiling!  She's truley an angel!

- Hubby and I have the day off tomorrow together which is rare!  We are going to spend the day as a family - would have gone and done something nice outside if RI would realize that it's spring and no longer winter but, as the good old Northeast would have it, it's going to snow on April 5th so we'll be inside cuddling with Boo all day!

-6 months is a lifetime of love in our little family! 
Signed - Boo's Mom!