Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patty's Day!

We aren't Irish, but we can still celebrate.  I'm wearing my only green shirt to work today which probably doesnt matter since I wont be leaving my office except for the occasional trip to the bathroom....but, it's the thought that counts right?

Yesterday the weather was horrible!  Rainy and chilly - the kind of weather that makes you want your jammies, a movie and your bed!  But, life goes on, so I worked and then Boo and I went to Joann Fabrics Store.  I wanted to try to make a fabric flower headband for Boo so I got a bunch of supplies and went to work.  They were super simple and fun to make.  I'm thinking about starting a little WAHM business with random things I make.....  (Like I need more to do!)  But I think it would be fun.

I *love* the way they came out... 

The yellow one is for us and the pink one I'm sending to a friend as a surprise for her daughter.  I hope she loves it!

In the next week I'm going to take Boo for her 6 month pictures!  I cant wait.  That's why I made the yellow flower headband.  I'm going to bring in the quilt that my Grandmother made for me before she passed away and use that as a backdrop for the photo shoot!  It's got really pretty yellows & oranges in it so this flower is perfect!  Boo is named after my Grandmother so I love the idea of including the quilt in the pictures.  It's a great way to tie the two of them together!

Flowers & Clovers!

Signed - Boo's Mom!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Being a "follower" can be a good thing!

I'm excited that I now have 3 followers on my blog!  YAY!  Thanks ladies - I hope you enjoy what I write!

This past weekend was nice - Hubby, Boo and I spent it together which was a nice change since Hubby and I dont see each other for more than an hour a day all week.  Saturday Hubby did the grocery shopping and then we went for a nice ride since the weather was finally bearable!  Sunday we hung around the house, played with Boo and went to dinner with my parents.  All in all a great weekend - other than daylight savings time which has really messed with my sleep schedule.

Boo typically sleeps til 9am every day - Sunday, she was up bright and early at 6am!  (which was really 5am since we lost an hour... Hubby was super sweet though and he let me get back in bed while he got up with her - she only stayed up about 30 minutes and then he got to come back to bed. 

At dinner yesterday I got a bit frustrated - we were at a pretty nice restaurant - Boo needed a diaper change so I grab my stuff and Boo and head to the bathroom - no changing table... GREAT!  So, I ask a waitress if they have one - just to be sure I didnt miss something, she says no.  So, the only option I had was to change her on a bench in the front of the restaurant since changing her in the actual part where other people were eating would be gross - but, as I'm changing her I can hear the waitresses talking crap behind the wall about the "woman changing her baby on the bench" - nice.  Totally pissed me off.  What was I supposed to do go to my car?  I'm pretty sure I'm not the only person who has come to their restaurant with a baby needing a diaper change before so shouldnt they be more accomodating?  Ugh - that just really frustrated me. 

More bathroom talk - Friday, Hubby, Boo and I went to Target to grab some stuff and I had to go to the bathroom - I tell Hubby to watch Boo and I'll be right back - I walk over to the bathroom, walk in and look around thinking to myself..."hmm, self, this looks different since the last time"  Then I realize that there are urinals on the wall - NICE - after thinking about it for a second, I realize that I'm in the men's bathroom.... OMG - at this point I make a 360 and pretty much run out of the bathroom - Hubby is standing outside and proceeds to yell... "what are you doing in THERE?!?!?!?"  It was pretty funny!

Diaper changes and bathrooms...

Signed - Boo's Mom

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Bath time with Boo!

Hubby and I bought Boo a new bath seat since she was quickly outgrowing her bath hammock.  This seat is *way* cool!  It comes with a couple of toys in the front so she can play and it's nice for her to actually be sitting in the water as opposed to me just wetting her... let's hope she isnt peeing in it though!

Here are some pics from her first bath in her new bath seat!

Look at all of her chubbies!!!!!  I could just eat her cuteness up! 

Bathtime and Chubbies!

Signed - Boo's Mom

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Our life in pictures...

Here are some pictures that we've taken over the past week or so. 

Rockin' out her Owl diaper

Playing with her *favorite* toy (and drooling)

Napping with Pepere

Sitting up for the first time EVER!

Playing with her Panda!

There is noone in the world that makes me happier than Boo!

Pictures & Memories

Signed - Boo's Mom

Monday, March 7, 2011

Happy 5 Month Birthday!!!

5 months ago today I gave birth to my beautiful baby girl Olivia!  I love her more than words can describe and I've enjoyed every second of the past 5 months spent with her!  She's my angel!  Here is a picture of us from this past weekend - isn't she a doll?

This picture is of us in our new Wrapsody Alice gauze wrap - we are a proud babywearing family! 

Birthdays & Babywearing!

Signed - Boo's Mom

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Bedtime and Snuggles

Lately Boo's been having a REALLY hard time with bedtime.  We have the same routine every night - the 4 B's - Bath, Book, Bottle, Bed...  we get through the first 3 and when it comes time for her to go to sleep she pretty much freaks out.....  The night before last, she cried for almost 2 hours while I hugged, held, rocked & soothed her until she fell asleep.  I really think she's teething because she was grabbing at her mouth so we used a lot of baby Oragel which helped... BUT, last night was super sweet!  I started our routine later so that Boo would be more tired and hoped it would help her fall asleep.  She had her bath, we read her book, gave her her bottle and she fell asleep with no problems...  She did wake up about an hour later and didnt fall back to sleep on her own so I picked her up and we cuddled in the rocking chair for about 45 minutes just rocking and snuggling.  It was probably the best snuggles I've had with her.  It made me want to cry.  She loves being loved and I hope that I'm loving her enough!

Bedtime and Boo Snuggles.

Signed - Boo's Mom

Modern Day Hippie

Since having Boo - I've learned a lot about the type of parent that I want to be - not that I had the opportunity before since I'm a FTM (first time mom) but while I was pregnant I had a very different picture in my mind.  Until logging into BBC I only knew what was advertized main stream like regular diapers & strollers - I had never even considered using Cloth Diapers or Babywearing but since having her - a lot has changed.

Naturally as a parent, you only want the best for your children and when I began to research cloth diapers I learned a lot of things about regular diapers that leave a lot to be desired.  I'm all set with putting chemicals on Boo's bum when there is an alternate option.  I did lots and lots of research, asked tons of questions on the BBC Cloth Diaper Forum and finally figured out a system that works for us - Pockets!  They are super simple and really cute!  Basically - the diaper consists of a waterproof outer shell with a stuffable pocket for inserts.  You can tailor the absorbancy to fit your needs (daytime/nighttime) and the have an inner layer that wicks moisture away from the baby's bum.  Here are some examples of pocket diapers...

They have snap or velcro closures and an adjustable rise to fit your baby from about 8 lbs - 35 lbs!  This means you can use the same diapers from just about birth through potty training!  Cute right?!?!

The only problem is that they become addicting!  You (*I*) want to buy more and more and make sure I have all the cute new patterns... so in the end it may not be a money saving solution but I've officially declared myself "on the wagon" as the BBC Mama's call it.... which basically means, no more buying!!!!!

Thinking fluffy thoughts***

Signed - Boo's Mom