Friday, April 13, 2012

Bedtime and Swing Sets

Last night at bedtime, Olivia was having a hard time settling down enough to fall asleep. 
She was extra cuddly and being her usualy chatterbox self. 
I rocked her for over an hour and I loved it. 
In between laying her head on my shoulder, asking "what's that?"
and telling me she dropped something, every once in a while she'd pick her head up,
hold my face with both hands and kiss me over and over.
Made my Mama heart melt.
I love this girl more than I'd ever imagined.  She's just amazing.
This year, the Easter Bunny was extra generous and Olivia got a SWING SET! 
She is in LOVE and wants to be outside all day every day!
My husband, father and nephews worked so hard to get the yard prepped
and the swing set put together and it was an awesome surprise for Olivia.



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