Tuesday, April 10, 2012

One Point Five

I feel like I'll be saying some version of this for the rest of my life.
As a Mother, I can NEVER get used to how fast time seems to go by.
How, HOW is it that I have an 18 month old? 
One and a half
Almost 2
Toddler girl
How did the last year and a half go by that fast? 
I swear I just brought home a newborn and now she's a walking, talking spunky little GIRL!
These past 18 months have been the BEST 18 months of my life.  Watching this child grow and learn and change daily has been the best experience ever.  I've loved every second of it.  Even the sleepless nights and tantrums that go along with it. 
I love being your Mama. 
I love the sound of your little pixie voice and
the way you tease me when I ask you to say Mama and you proudly say Dada instead. 
I love your fearlessness and the way you love to explore everything. 
I love your curiosity and the way you constantly ask "what's that?". 
I love your fascination with animals, wanting to know what they say
and repeating it in your adorable little way. 
I love that you are so caring and gentle. 
I love how you know that you're doing something you shouldn't but do it anyways
while smiling that mischievous little smile at us and saying "no, no, no". 
I love how you always manage to take your shoes and socks off all the time.
I love how I try to sing you to sleep but it never works because you force yourself to stay away so you can clap when I'm done with the song.
I love that you look just like I did when I was your age. 
Most importantly, I love every.single.thing about you my dear.  Always and forever!
Love, Mama


Meg G @ Pugs, Kisses, and Bumblebee Wishes said...

She is SO cute! And she does look like you!

Avery will be a year in 2 weeks {GULP} and I don't know how that happened so fast!

Oh - ps, this is "megmgib" from Instagram! love following your feed!

Alyssa said...

This is so sweet!! She is just so precious!