Friday, May 11, 2012

Terrible (almost) 2's and My Conversation with The Dog

The terrible (almost) 2's are creeping in and I'm afraid....very afraid for what's to come.  My sweet little munchkin has turned into a crying, red faced hot little mess when she doesn't get her way.  It isn't pretty.
I swear she thinks it's a game and runs from one thing she shouldn't touch to another...causing me to chase after her (hence the "game")  Her obsession with water leaves a lot to be desired when she dumps the birds water dish over her head, then runs to the dogs water bowl and splashes for a bit and then moves onto the toilet to dip her chubby little fingers in the cold water....all in a matter of about 5 minutes. 
It's fun.  Really it is.
So, last night, after the 2nd time I'd refilled the birds water, attempted time out with my silly toddler I'd had enough.  I was definitely getting a bit frustrated since she knows, she KNOWS that these things aren't allowed.  As I raised my voice a bit to reprimand Olivia saying "we do NOT touch the bird cage" (or dog bowl or toilet) my dog stood in between me and Olivia as if she was protecting her.  My dogs protection of Olivia took my by surprise since she typically avoids her at all costs.
That's when I lost my mind... kind of.  I looked at Olivia, crying because I wouldn't let her play with the water bowl and I looked at my dog who was looking at me and that's when it happened.  I started a conversation with the dog.  
...and this is how it went...
"What are you looking at?  How would you know what this is like, you never had puppies!  Give me a break Jadie, it's been a long day.  She's testing her limits and kind of driving me crazy here!!!"
Then it hit me.  I needed a time out.  I was talking to the darn dog for goodness sake.  
Point of the story, kids can make you lose your mind.  For real. 

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michelle said...

Omg i love this!! I feel like samaya started terrible 2's Months ago lol stick with the time outs, every child is different but samaya is fully aware what a time out is and what gets her in a timeout!!