Thursday, September 27, 2012

So What! Wednesday...on Thursday?

Today I'm saying So What! if...
...I'm a day late, So What! ...Thursday?  Oh well.
...I went to bed last night at 8pm with Olivia and I'm still tired today.
...I hit my snooze button at least 5 times this morning.
...I'm 29 years old and still don't like to be home alone at night.
...I'm planning the easiest dinner tonight since it's just me and Olivia, bacon and lolli-pops! husband and I call most food"bacon" or "lolli-pops" so Olivia will eat it.  Bacon is ham or turkey roll-ups and lolli-pops are pepper sticks, tomatos, cucumbers etc. dipped in salad dressing.  It works.
...I really considered playing hookie from work today.
...that's all I can muster today.  I'm tired.
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So What Wednesday

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