Friday, September 28, 2012

The epic horse and carriage ride...

Almost 2 months later and my daughter is still talking about the "neigh (horse) & cawwiage (carriage) ride with Mommy, Daddy and YaYa (Olivia)"
While on our annual summer vacation in Old Orchard Beach, Maine on a warm Thursday night we were wandering the streets of the main pier at the beach and across the way, Olivia spotted the huge white horse!  She loves animals with a passion so we walked right over to visit him, John was his name.

John is a big white draft horse who is sweet as can be.  We "oooh'd and aaah'd" over him.  Pet him for a few and then went on our way.  Joe saw both of our excitement over the horse and carriage ride so while Olivia and I were checking out some shops he disappeared.  A few minutes later he hurried us back outside where the carriage was waiting for us!  He surprised us with our very first horse and carriage ride.
It was perfect. 
The weather was gorgeous.  
Olivia was so excited and happy and kept telling us that we were on!a!carriage!ride! 
The ride lasted about a half hour.  We toured the quiet neighborhood that's hidden between the busy pier at the beach.  We could smell the salt water and feel the mist from the sea.  It really was just a perfect end to our awesome vacation.
Almost 2 months later, in the dark of Olivia's bedroom last night, is the most amazing part.  I could sense that she was almost asleep as her breathing became steady and all of a sudden she jumped up onto her knees and exclaimed...
"Mommy!  Beach, Daddy, Mommy, YaYa neigh cawwiage ride!" 
These are the things my husband and I live for.  The memories we make with her.  The little things that she remembers and loves to talk about.  Despite the trying times, the discipline and the stress, these are the moments we love the most!

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