Thursday, April 18, 2013

Finish This Sentence

Once again I'm linking up with Holly and Jake for "Finish This Sentence".

1. I laughed so hard I cried when... I ran over my husband’s foot with my car.  We were still dating at the time and I was joking around and trying to drive away as he got into the car, yeah, big mistake.  I guess I drove away a bit too fast and he moved a bit too slow and his foot got stuck under my rear tire.  It wasn’t broken, thank God, but my laughter was out of sheer panic and laughing at the most inappropriate time of course leads to more laughter which then led to tears because I thought I'd hurt him.

2. My high school... was a 5 year plan.  I failed my junior year.  It sucked big time, I was so upset with myself for messing up and having to stay back but in the end, everything fell into place and I'm glad it happened.

3. It really pisses me off... when I get frustrated with Olivia.  I always step back and think about people who are missing their children or who have lost loved ones and here I am frustrated with my beautiful angel of a daughter.  I always feel disappointed in myself afterwards and apologize.

4. In ten years... I'll be living in Florida, my daughter will be 12 (say what?!?) and I'll hopefully have another child in tow!

5. If I could erase one thing... it would be the hurt I caused to my husband the year before we got married.  We went through a really rough patch which was all my fault.

6. In 1999... I was a junior in high school (the first time) and I'd just gotten my license.  I drove a red 1986 Camaro and thought I was the coolest thing in our whole town.  Driving up and down Mineral Spring Avenue after school with friends was the best part of my day!

7. Honestly... I'm at a place in my faith right now where I can rest knowing that with all the bad in this world and all the devastation, this is not my forever home.  Take this world and give me Jesus.

8. To me, Sushi... is disgusting.  The first time I tried it I was newly pregnant and at a work function.  I had to excuse myself to puke.

9. Someone really needs to invent... what isn’t already invented?  Technology is so amazing.  In my own vanity it would be nice to have a magic make-up machine to make getting ready easier and faster.

10. The first time I drank alcohol... well see, I'm the youngest of my cousins on both sides of my family so I'm sure at some point one of them slipped me something to drink.  The last time I drank is much more interesting.  I was home alone with Olivia, she was about 9 or 10 months old and I'd just put her to bed.  She was sound asleep so I figured a long day deserved a nice glass or two of wine.  Those 2 glasses went down nice and easy and quick and then what do I hear?  Crying over the baby monitor. 

11. The one question I would ask God is... why is there all this hurt in the world?  Why do bad things happen?  Why do children get sick?  That was more than one right?  oops.  Part of me knows the answers to these questions, or at least the rational I've used and learned to make myself understand His ways but it would still be nice to ask the Big Guys upstairs.  I'd also ask him how my Grandmother is doing.  I miss her.

12. Lindsay Lohan... needs to grow up.  It's not cute honey.



Jake said...

love the 1999 comment! thanks for linking!

Marcia said...

I totally ran my husband's foot over once too...almost in the same exact way! It was one of those things that I couldn't help by laugh because I just couldn't believe either of us were that stupid that it happened. LOL Like, what the heck was your foot there for!? LOL

Melissa said...

My MOTHER ran over my foot when i was in the 8th grade! LOL. We didn't laugh! Actually, maybe i did a little b/c it didn't hurt AT ALL but she was FREAKING OUT.

I am with you on the sushi! YUCK! I've tried it twice, with about ten years in between the two times - i gagged both times!

Well, if it makes you feel any better, i failed my sophomore year! But i went to summer school, so i still graduated w/ my class.