Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Modern Day Hippie

Since having Boo - I've learned a lot about the type of parent that I want to be - not that I had the opportunity before since I'm a FTM (first time mom) but while I was pregnant I had a very different picture in my mind.  Until logging into BBC I only knew what was advertized main stream like regular diapers & strollers - I had never even considered using Cloth Diapers or Babywearing but since having her - a lot has changed.

Naturally as a parent, you only want the best for your children and when I began to research cloth diapers I learned a lot of things about regular diapers that leave a lot to be desired.  I'm all set with putting chemicals on Boo's bum when there is an alternate option.  I did lots and lots of research, asked tons of questions on the BBC Cloth Diaper Forum and finally figured out a system that works for us - Pockets!  They are super simple and really cute!  Basically - the diaper consists of a waterproof outer shell with a stuffable pocket for inserts.  You can tailor the absorbancy to fit your needs (daytime/nighttime) and the have an inner layer that wicks moisture away from the baby's bum.  Here are some examples of pocket diapers...

They have snap or velcro closures and an adjustable rise to fit your baby from about 8 lbs - 35 lbs!  This means you can use the same diapers from just about birth through potty training!  Cute right?!?!

The only problem is that they become addicting!  You (*I*) want to buy more and more and make sure I have all the cute new patterns... so in the end it may not be a money saving solution but I've officially declared myself "on the wagon" as the BBC Mama's call it.... which basically means, no more buying!!!!!

Thinking fluffy thoughts***

Signed - Boo's Mom

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