Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Bedtime and Snuggles

Lately Boo's been having a REALLY hard time with bedtime.  We have the same routine every night - the 4 B's - Bath, Book, Bottle, Bed...  we get through the first 3 and when it comes time for her to go to sleep she pretty much freaks out.....  The night before last, she cried for almost 2 hours while I hugged, held, rocked & soothed her until she fell asleep.  I really think she's teething because she was grabbing at her mouth so we used a lot of baby Oragel which helped... BUT, last night was super sweet!  I started our routine later so that Boo would be more tired and hoped it would help her fall asleep.  She had her bath, we read her book, gave her her bottle and she fell asleep with no problems...  She did wake up about an hour later and didnt fall back to sleep on her own so I picked her up and we cuddled in the rocking chair for about 45 minutes just rocking and snuggling.  It was probably the best snuggles I've had with her.  It made me want to cry.  She loves being loved and I hope that I'm loving her enough!

Bedtime and Boo Snuggles.

Signed - Boo's Mom

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