Friday, March 2, 2012

Friday's Letters

Dear Husband - Thank you for remembering to set my alarm for me this morning since I was completely passed out asleep when you got home from work last night.  I thank you and so does my boss! 
Dear Olivia - I'm really glad you slept through the night last night, that was very generous of you to let me sleep uninterrupted!  I'm also kind of glad that you woke up super early this morning and I got to see your smiling face before I left for work today! 
Dear Dunkin' Donuts - THANK YOU for being there for me today!  It's Friday, it's been a long week and I needed that large iced coffee today.  French Vanilla, extra milk & 4 splenda.  It tasted great!
Dear Fellow Drivers - FYI, it snowed yesterday, then sleeted, and it was cold last night which could mean black ice this morning.  Please don't ride my bumper, I don't really want you to end up in my backseat.  There's usually VERY precious cargo (Olivia) in my car and if you do anything that could potentially hurt my child, I'm pretty sure that my fist will meet your face.  Thanks!
Dear Weekend - Thanks for getting here so quickly this week.  I've missed you.  Please take your time and don't go by too fast.  I really enjoy spending 2 full days with my family!
Today I'm linking up with Ashley at "Adventures of Newlyweds" for Friday's Letters. 
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I found her through the sweet Megan from "Mackey Madness"!


Alyssa said...

There is nothing quite like iced coffee. Especially when you're really in need of it!

Dumb Mom said...

Ooooh, an uninterrupted night of sleep?! Sounds amazing! Like Dunkin Donuts. I LOVE DD!