Monday, March 5, 2012

Not so fun Monday morning.....

Monday mornings can be bad enough but it's
even worse when your
bank closes your accounts
that you've had for 8 years and that had money in them!)
and the
state loses your tax return.
How and why did this happen to me today?!?!? 
This morning, I logged into my online banking since we got paid on
Friday and much to my surprise me accounts were GONE
I called the bank, where I WORK mind you, and they inform me that....
"oops, sorry, the accounts are closed and we don't know why and we
don't know who did it and even if we did know we cant tell you and now you're
going to have to call payroll and wait for your pay to come via snail mail.
sorry, have a nice friggin day!"
Needless to say, whether I work here or not, I WILL BE CLOSING MY ACCOUNTS!
Then I decided to check my tax return status because you know, maybe getting a big chunk of money into my non existent bank account would be a nice way to cheer me up...  and what do I see? 
"No Records Found"
Seriously?!?!  So, I call the tax department for the state of RI and the not so nice lady informs me that they cant locate any information with mine or my husbands social security number! 
So, I not have to call the software company I used to file and they tell me
"it's been submitted and accepted by the state of RI"
So, if neither place has it, and I don't have it...where the hell is it?!?!
I call the tax department back, wait on hold for 25 minutes until someone even answers and they then tell me that now, looking in some super secret back system they can see I filed and TaxAct attempted to submit it but it just "didn't go through" but NOW she can fix it, even though an hour ago she couldn't even see that we were US citizens because we didn't exist.   HMM.
Maybe it's because the state is so damn broke that they just didn't want to give me my refund!
Please pray that the rest of this week goes better than today.
Happy Friggin Monday!

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