Monday, October 1, 2012

In 6 days...

This week I'll be reflecting on my baby girls first 2 years of life.  It's amazing how fast, but yet how slowly this time has gone.  After this week I plan on discussing my faith journey a bit more to share how I've come to know the Lord and bits and pieces of my testimony thus far.  Hope you stick around.
In 6 short days our sweet Olivia will be 2 years old!  Two!Years!Old! 
How does this happen?  Where has the time gone?  I swear there is some kind of time warp after you have children.  There is this mixture of feeling like she was just born but yet not remembering life before her. 
Our life has never been richer. 
Filled with love and excitement at seeing everything through the eyes of a child.  Our child. 
It's an amazing feeling to show the world to this little being.  Watching her explore and seeing her grow.  Witnessing her heart grow kinder and more compassionate.  
Seeing her become the caring little girl I long for her to be. 
It's been (almost) two years with her and these have been the best two years of our lives.  Nothing compares to having a child of your own.  She's filled a spot in our lives that we didn't know was missing. 

Taken October 7, 2010.  First day on earth.


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