Monday, November 28, 2011

5 Days of the 10 Day Challenge

Once again, the weekend got the best of me, throw a holiday in there any I'm spent.  So, now I'll captivate you with my last 5 days of the 10 Day Challenge and fill you in on my 5, 4, 3, 2 and 1!

Five Foods

1. Chicken Parm - this is my go to, never fail me food to order.  It's always good, I mean, how can you mess up some good Italian Chicken Parm?  Chicken, sauce, cheese...mmmmm!

2. Fish & Chips - being from New England we are spoiled with some delicious sea food.  Fresh Fish & Chips are the way to go.  I'm not talking about the frozen fish patties (eww).  I'm talking about Haddock, Cod or Scrod, fresh from the good old Atlantic Ocean!

3. Chowder or um as we would say, Chowda! - again, New Englanders are spoiled with our amazing sea food.  Clams fresh from the ocean.  I prefer white chowder but the New England area is known for our red.  Either way, it's delish!

4. Turkey - my family usually only has this a couple times a year, but I certainly cant forget good old Tom only a few days after Thanksgiving.

5. Chocolate - how can a girl not include chocolate?!?!
Four Books

1. The Hunger Games - I'm reading this right now, it's really good so far. 

2. Anything by Elin Hilderbrand - she has so many good ones, Silver Girl, The Island, Barefoot - they are all equally good.  Definitely chick books.  Tales about friendship, love, children, summer etc.

3. Again, anything by Jodi Picoult - she is an amazing author.  She writes about controversial topics and her books cant be put down!

4. The Bible - this answer for me is a tentative one.  I'm trying to be more "religious" and I'm struggling.  I'm putting this answer down as sort of obligatiry.  Any suggestions to help someone who's searching for a better Godly relationship?

Three Films

1. Bridesmaids - awesome, funny movie!  This is definitely something to watch if you want something lighthearted and non emotional.

2. Step-Mom - sad and emotional.  A good movie to watch if you need an excuse to cry.

3. The Green Mile - Love this movie.

Two Songs

1. When You've Got A Good Thing, Lady Antebellum - this was our wedding song.

2. If I Could Turn Back Time, Cher - Classic song to turn up my radio and jam!

One Picture of me - hmmm - here's my attempt to get Olivia to smile for my lame iPhone self portrait!

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