Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Already catching up!

I have 3 days worth of my 10 day challenge to catch up on... shame on me!

Nine Loves:
1. My family & pets!
2. Reading
3. Shopping
4. Crafting
5. Vacationing in Maine
6. Coffee dates with friends
7. Reading blogs
8. Music
9. Reality TV

Eight Fears:
1. Losing someone in my family
2. Masks
3. Car accidents
4. Spiders
5. Not being financially stable
6. Being violated
7. That I'm not a good Mom and Wife
8. Missing memories

Seven Wants:
1. My daughter to always feel loved and live a life full of happiness!
2. My husband and family to always know how much they mean to me
3. Always have enough money to provide for my family
4. A kindle :)
5. To own a little house with a big backyard, a swingset and a huge tree!
6. To always be a good friend
7. To build a better religious background and relationship with God

Check back tomorrow for #6!


1 comment:

Megan said...

That is exactly the type of house that we are looking for!! Ahhhh, hopefully one day!! And I'm dying for a Kindle, too!!