Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Day 6

6 Places - lets talk about a few places I've been and a few that I would love to visit.

1. Maine - my family and I love Maine.  We took Olivia on her first family vacation to Old Orchard Beach Maine last summer.  It was awesome!

2. Arizona - I was sent to Phoenix, AZ for work in February 2010.  I went with a friend from work, I was 8 weeks pregnant and it was the most amazing trip ever!  It was my longest flight, 6 hours, and we visited so many cool places!  We saw cacti, palm trees, red rock formations in Sedona, mountains and scorpions!

3. Virginia - In June of 2009, I was sent to Richmond, VA for work and spent 2 weeks there.  This was my first time flying ever and I loved every second of it.  I worked from 7 - 3:30 so for the rest of the afternoon and evening I was able to drive around, sight see and explore!  I got lost oh so many times but thank God for my rented GPS, I was always able to find my way back to the hotel.  The Southern hospitality blew me away.  I loved the warmth I felt everywhere I went.  I had so many comversations with strangers and they never felt like strangers.  I'd love to go back!

4. Niagra Falls - I've never visited either side of The Falls but I'd love to go and see it's beauty! 

5. Italy - I'd love to travel outside of the country and experience different cultures and languages.  Italy would be amazing!

6. New York - It's so close yet I have never visited.  I'd love to shop in New York City and take the ferry to the Statue of Liberty.  I want to experience the rush of the city firsthand, ride the subway, eat a street vendor hot dog, go to Times Square, visit Central Park and go to Ground Zero. 


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