Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Back from Vaca.... BOO

I blog at work....
SHH, don't tell anyone because I'll probably get into trouble
but here is the only place where I can gather my thoughts enough to actually make any sense.
Last week my husband and I were both on vacation from work, hence, no blogging.
But, now I'm back (BOO) and not rested but what can you do, gotta make the money honey.
Lets talk about the vacation, shall we? 
Olivia got one heck of an attitude adjustment last week... in the WRONG direction!
How did my 16 month old cutie pie turn into a pubescent 13 year old girl overnight? 
I really don't know where she got her attitude but I wish she'd put it back...
at least until she's old enough to reason with!

She's super funny though. 
She announces when she's doing wrong by saying "no no no"
all while smiling brightly at you and touching something she shouldn't be...
like the toilet, plugs etc. 
Then, when I walk over to redirect her, she runs away...
shrieking at the thought of being chased. 
So what does any fun Mama do? 
Chase her around the house saying "I'm gonna get you!"
and she squeals with laughter until she's hiccuping from laughing so hard. 

Her silly face!


She's also very cuddly and lovey dovey at the same time. 
She's generous with her hugs and kisses and she's such a sweet little girl.

During my week off, I really saw her personality blossom.  She's a feisty little thing with a stubborn mind of her own and now that she knows she has free will, there's no reining her in!
....if 16 months is difficult, I can only imagine my little munchkin at 13 years old!


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Alyssa said...

So glad you're back! Been missing your posts! She is too cute!! She'll be a firecracker at 13, I'm sure! :)