Friday, February 17, 2012

Random pics & NIP

TGIF for real. 
Vacation next week is making today almost unbearably long and my mind is focused on not working! since I don't want to think (and I'm still ticked about something that happened yesterday...see are some pictures for you)

My poor girl has had the stomach bug all week. She looks so sad. 

....and despite being sick, she's still happy!

...and silly! 
Here's the "thing that pissed me off yesterday".  People can be SO ignorant. 
There aren't too many topics that get a rise out of me
but breastfeeding and NIP (nursing in public) is one of them. 
A "friend" (and I use that term VERY loosely) on facebook wrote a post saying....and I quote

"I'm disgusted that a woman is breast feeding in the middle of IKEA. 
I mean really.... go to the bathroom.  SICK!"

Insert HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE as soon as I read the first sentence. 

I immediately felt defensive since I breastfed my daughter
for 6 months (I wish it was longer), so I commented. 

I was rational at first and then my emotions were beginning to get the
best of me because all of her friends were backing her up of course. 

I asked her if she wanted to eat in a public bathroom. 

I tried to explain that it's a natural bond between mother and child. 

I tried to give her an example comparing one of her favorite TV shows,
Jersey Shore, and said that if she thinks its ok that the cast of JS go clubbing half naked
and bring people home to have sex with on TV then
WHY is breast feeding in public something to be ashamed of?

I explained that babies can need to eat for sometimes more than 30 minutes
at a time and it's not always convenient to sit down in a corner for that long. 

I tried to understand her perspective being an unmarried childless woman.   

But then I realized that I cant understand blatant IGNORANCE.

It's completely IGNORANT to think that you have the right to pass judgement on a woman feeding her child.

The comments that her and her friends were making were just
ridiculous and hurtful and I really wanted to call her ignorant
and say hateful things but I decided to be the bigger person
and bow out of the conversation.

I said all I could to defend the subject and it didn't work. 

This really bothered me. 

I hate to think that there are people, WOMEN, in this world that
dont have enough RESPECT for other women to NOT
pass judgement about something as simple as feeding their child. 

I guess the only thing that I can get from this is to choose
my "friends" better, especially since it
wasnt one of those "lets agree to disagree" scenarios
and not try to educate people on things that are obviously
not as imporant as their comfort or lunchtime margaritas

(as her very next post on facebook was that she was now having a "drink"
with lunch and one of her friends obviously commented "is it breastmilk?") 

So, my response to advocate for my fellow breastfeeding mothers was to post this picture.



Sara @ Seeing Purple Stars said...

hope olivia is feeling better!! :)

The Crummy Chronicles said...

I know what you mean about the blood pressure rising when you hear or read things like that. And you're right- it's because of ignorance. Breaks my heart. I bf my first son 6 months but now that I know more about it- my 2nd son will be bfed a lot longer. He's 7 months now and we're going strong. It's sad as a society how little knowledge there is out there about breastfeeding. I have friends who always went to a private place to do so- I make it a point to bf in public (discreetly) but I believe it's important for people to see it's a normal thing and it's a GOOD thing- maybe little by little we can change the wrong view on this.