Monday, February 13, 2012

Mom's Don't Get Sick Days

Last week I was SO sick. ear infection and sinus infection were kicking my butt. 
I was exhausted and hadn't been this sick in a LONG time.
In the midst of me feeling like I'd been run over and had a foghorn blaring in my ear,
Olivia was super cuddly and I had a sinking suspicion that she wasn't feeling too well either. 
Sure enough, she had a fever. 
I gave her some Tylenol, milk and a luke warm bath and she seemed to be acting more like herself.
She hardly ate all day (which I'll soon discover was a good thing).
After her 2nd bath of the day,
I was rocking and cuddling her to sleep for the night and she vomited;
The room was dark and I couldn't see what was going on so
I yelled for my husband who walked into the room and
got a front row view of our poor baby getting sick. 

It totally freaked him out and he's already useless in these situations.
Puke was everywhere, all over the rug, Olivia, me... it was a mess.
I called the Dr. and bathed Olivia again while my husband shampooed
Olivia's carpet and then back to bed she went with a small cup of tepid water.
She slept until midnight and woke up starving. 
I was so relieved that she woke up and wanted to eat something. 
A few oyster crackers later, back to bed she went for the 3rd time and slept until the morning.
Moral of the story? 
No matter how sick you are, as a Mom (or Dad), when your kiddo gets sick,
you're issue is no longer important.
...but that's fine with me, as long as my little girl is feeling better, I'm happy.


BumbersBumblings said...

Poor thing! Hope you are all back to 100% soon!

Alyssa said...

Cracking up at "he's already useless in these situations!" I hope all of you are feeling 100% better and back to normal soon!

Shannon Dew said...

Hope you guys are feeling better and I totally agree, mamas {and babies} should NOT be allowed to be sick!