Friday, January 25, 2013

Fab Friday

...and just like that this short work week is over.  Can we have a short week every week?  No?  Ok, fine.  Anyhow, linking up with Laura from The Everyday Joys again this week for Fab Friday.  I really try to stay positive all the time but it's really nice to reflect on the fabulous things that happened throughout the week to help!
This week a bunch of fab things happened... here we go.
~ Baptism - wrote about it here and here.  Check it out, it was truly such an awesome day for me and just the ultimate culmination of my journey with the Lord thus far.
~ Taking pictures with my new big girl camera.  I've finally upgraded from a point and shoot to a dslr and I'm in love with it!  Here are the first few pictures I took.  I'm still learning and don't claim to be good!
~ Having a girls night tonight with one of my best - Jenn.  It's rare that I get to go out without Olivia due to mine and my husband's opposite shifts but tonight, he's got bedtime duty and I'll be hanging out in Panera sipping coffee and chatting it up with my friend.  I'm trying not to feel guilty.   
~ My sister in law asked me to be in the delivery room for her baby girls birth.  It's just a matter of time because she's currently 2 days overdue.
~ My husband and I bought Olivia new bedroom furniture and I can't wait to set up her new big girl room!
My week was pretty fabulous!  Happy weekend.
The Everyday Joys

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