Wednesday, January 2, 2013

My first steps

It's 1/2/2013 which means I'm officially on Day 2 of my fat to fit lifestyle change.

First let me start out by saying the support I received on Facebook, Instagram, via text from friends and family and on my blog here has been nothing short of amazing and super encouraging.  Sometimes when I'm at my lowest and feeling so bad about myself I tend to think that no one cares or understands what I'm dealing with or going through.  When writing my last blog post I was so nervous that I would be judged or ridiculed and neither happened.  I was lifted up in prayer by so many friends, I received such heartwarming comments and words of encouragement - even from strangers who happened to read my blog. 
So, THANK YOU, everyone for your support, encouragement, prayers and kind words.

I've made a few changes so far and I think they're going to help so I decided to share them with you.

~ I joined and started tracking everything I eat.  They have an app for smart phones so I have it handy at all times and you can even track your exercise and weight loss.  The neat thing is when you're entering what you've eaten mostly everything is already in their system so you just scroll through the choices and choose the one that matches what you need.

~ I kicked my Dunkin Donuts habit to the curb.  Every morning for longer than I can even remember I stopped at DD on my way into work and got a large iced coffee with extra milk and equal and a cinnamon raisin bagel with cream cheese. 
When I put those 2 things into it calculated 686 calories! 

686 calories for JUST breakfast, and the worst part is that it didn’t even satisfy me for long since it was all carbs.  Needless to say, no more Dunkin Donuts stops in the morning.  This morning I made coffee at home and had cheerios and a banana - my breakfast calorie count today is 330 calories.  Plus saved $5.00! 

~ I created a "Healthy for 2013" board on Pinterest and I've been finding and pinning easy and healthy recipes to make at home.   My plan is to find a recipe every day before leaving work that I'm going to make for dinner and if needed I'll stop at the grocery store on my way home.

~  I organized our cabinets at home and threw out all the junk. 

~ I took before pictures, weighed myself and took my measurements.  I know that I'll hit plateaus along this journey so keeping track of inches will help.  I did post my before pictures on Instagram - follow me - username Camarogirl819

Again, thank you for the encouragement.  I won’t be posting updates every day but this is my new life so I need to embrace it and may need to talk about it once in a while.  If you have any questions, suggestions or advice please feel free to ask or share.  I'll be happy to answer (almost) anything!

This scripture has really been on my heart lately and I pray that I exemplify it during my journey.  I'm scared that I'll fail but I can't live like that.  Every day is a fresh start and I'm going to take this one step at a time, one second, one minute, one hour at a time.  I can and will do this.

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Jess @ Wrangling Chaos said...

I have a Skinny Food board on pinterest that I use for recipes. And a small rule I have for myself that helps? No eating breakfast or lunch out. Ever. I ALWAYS eat breakfast and lunch from foods I make and prepare myself. It's a good way to be really careful.