Friday, November 30, 2012

A Child's Love

Before having Olivia (and accepting Jesus as my savior) I'm not sure that I ever really knew what it felt like to be on the receiving end of unconditional love.  Of course my parents love me, I've never doubted that, but it's a different feeling than when your child loves you, adores you. 
When you can do no wrong in their eyes.

There are so many conditions to most kinds of love. 
Couples fall in and out of love all the time. 
Relationships end, friendships part, parents are disappointed in their children, etc, etc, etc. 
All of those factors take little bits and pieces away from the true unconditional love that can be shared.  

It's no easy job raising a strong willed, has mind of her own 2 year old.  She's feisty and silly and mischievous and amazing all wrapped up into one little being that I love so fiercely.  I'm not a perfect parent and I have my moments where I lose my cool and yell while disciplining Olivia.  She pushes my buttons for sure and I can tell exactly when she's going to do it by her motions and the little smirk on her face.

Recently, when I was having a bad day already and she was having an
"I'm going to be bad today" day I yelled at her about something. 
I don’t recall if it was hitting the dog or standing on the table or dumping the dogs water bowl or...or...or... 

You know?  
One of those days when your 2 year old goes from one mischievous activity to the next almost seamlessly?  When you haven’t even finished cleaning up the first mess and she's already on the third? 
It was one of those days. 

Well, in the midst of my frustration and her craziness I yelled at her....
and in the midst of my yelling at her
...she says "Mommy?" 
...frustrated I huff "What Olivia???" 
...and in the sweetest little pixie voice she says "I love you Mommy." and gives me a hug.

In the middle of me being a less than good parent and taking my frustrations out by yelling,
she told me she loved me.  That is unconditional love.


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Callie Nicole said...

This is so sweet! What a precious moment between you and your daughter!