Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween 2012

Our Halloween day was spent at my Dr.'s office and Olivia's pediatrician. 
We both have ear infections and I have a sinus infection. 
After our appointments and we got loaded up on antibiotics and Tylenol and prayed we felt better soon. 
My husband and I were undecided if we were going to take Olivia trick-or-treating
because we knew she wasn't feeling 100% but after dinner she seemed a bit
more like herself so at the last minute we decided we'd take her to
our church's Trunk-or-Treat.  We layered clothes under her costume ...3 shirts,
a sweatshirt, a hat and fleece lined pants to be sure she stayed nice and warm. 
(I even stopped at Target to buy an ear warmer for myself) 
...and off we went, with cotton in our ears and a pumpkin bucket.
I didn't bring my camera, but luckily our church had an awesome photo
booth for everyone to take pictures, so at least I have those! 
Olivia had a blast!  There were about 50 cars lining the parking lot of our church, all the trunks were decorated in different themes and most people handing out candy were dressed in costume too. 
It was a great way to trick-or-treat without having to worry about where the candy is coming from,
since it was all our fellow church goers and we were nice and safe in the church
parking lot with no worries of cars driving near us or Olivia running into the street. 
Before going to this church I'd never even heard of Truck-or-Treat but I'm so glad that our church hosted this and we got to go.  They did an awesome job with organization, they had popcorn and apple cider, the photo booth, tons of candy and it was a great night for fellowship and outreach!
We didn't stay too long because we were all really tired. 
I was really bummed because we wanted to
trick-or-treat with my sister in law and nephew but since we
decided last minute there wasn't any time to plan. 
There's always next year.
You can see pictures of Olivia in her costume from our day at the Spooky Zoo here.


Melanie @ 4Kottez said...

O is adorable. I am so glad you had a great night:) We had a good one too - now I feel like "onto next year:)"

SEL said...

I hope you both feel better!! Sinus an ear infections are no joke!!

I'd never heard of trunk or treat (or truck or treat) either! Always something new. Ha :)


Meg G said...

Feel better! I am still fighting the snot war with myself. I refuse to get sick!