Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Time-outs and Potty Training.

This is what I saw when I walked into the church nursery after service on Sunday.
...this is Olivia in the time-out chair. 
Apparently she refused to keep her clothes on. 
Highly inappropriate for church. 
See, in the nursery there is a toddler bathroom with a half door that has a toddler
size toilet and Olivia is obsessed with it. 
She likes to "help" all the kids who are potty training and I guess she
figured that if she kept taking her clothes off the Mom's working in
the nursery would get the hint that she wanted to use the potty. 
She did successfully go potty while at church so
I figured I'd take advantage of her eagerness and interest and go with it. 
After church we went straight to Target and bought her big girl Minnie Mouse panties!  She was so excited.  On the ride home we talked about going potty and wearing her big girl undies.
I put her new undies on her and she was so excited to show them off to Daddy, Gram and Papa.
She spent the rest of the day in her big girl panties, slippers....
...and sometimes a tutu!
I'm so proud of Olivia.  This is a pretty big transition and she's doing an awesome job with it.  After each successful potty-ing she gets a ton of claps, praise and high-fives!  She soaks it in...which could explain why she went potty about 3 times in the first 10 minutes of wearing her new undies. 
My girl is a rockstar - I'm so, so proud of her!
Now, if you'll excuse me, we have some reading to do.


SEL said...

Wow! When they're ready, they're ready, huh?

That's awesome! Go Olivia!

My daughter stopped using her paci at 21 months, without us prompting her. (I wasn't ready for that part of my "baby" to go, but whatever.) She's been ready for potty-training for a while, and I just haven't taken the initiave. Time to get the ball rolling, I guess!

Stephanie @ Buttons&Bows said...

she is so cute! and born on our anniversary, oct 7th (but in 2006).