Monday, November 19, 2012

Tagging the tree

Every year for as long as I can remember my family and I have gone to a local Christmas Tree farm to tag our tree.  Buying one from a parking lot just doesn't have the same appeal as walking through the "forest" and choose the perfect one for our home.  This year was no different.  After church we piled into the car, stopped at Dunkin Donuts for obligatory hot chocolate or coffee and munchkins and were on our way. 
Since Olivia is older now, this year was fun.  She was able to walk through the tree farm with us and help choose our tree... all while picking up sticks and rocks and pinecones along the way. 
She fell in love with this little Charlie Brown tree that was just her size.... we may get her one for her bedroom this year.  I think she'll love it!
We finally found our tree. 
My Dad and Husband were so funny trying to convince each other that this tree was "the one".  
Their conversation went like this... 
Dad - "it's perfect"
Husband - "no bare spots"
Dad - "just the right height"
Husband - "not to big"
Dad - "not too small"
Husband - "not too wide"
Dad - "not too narrow"
When they were done discussing the physical attributes of our future Christmas tree we tied on our tag and signature tree tagging penguin (see pics) and took some pictures to mark the occasion.

I adore this picture of Olivia and her Papa (my dad).  She loves him SO SO much!

Our tree tagging adventure was a success. 
Now, let's just hope that we can find our tree when it's time to pick it up!


Melanie @ 4Kottez said...

This is adorable - the pictures are priceless.

Jodi said...

Laura, what a nice blog you have - I'm going to love following you, I just know. Olivia looks so cute in these pics! When I was a kid we used to go to a farm to pick out our tree (our family of ten!). Such nice memories. Now we do it most of the time, but sad to say, not all. Your post makes me want to keep it up. Thanks for the nice comment on my blog! And have a wonderful, blessed Thanksgiving if I don't see you before then! xo

Romantic Savy said...

I'd love to go tree tagging, LOL. I don't think we have tree farms around here like that!!!

I'm having a Christmas giveaway that would be great over at

You can win a fun package for Little B :)