Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Vote - Election 2012

This year, voting has taken on a new meaning to me. 
Now, living for Jesus, my entire purpose is to do everything to glorify God. 

~ Today I will vote with Him on my heart.  
~ Today I will not forsake my beliefs. 
~ Today I will vote for the candidate who believes that each life is valuable
and here for a purpose from the moment it's conceived. 
~ Today I will vote for the person who believes that He is our King and I pray that whoever wins this election has an open heart to the Lord and seeks His will when running our country.

This world is such a jaded place and the one solid rock that I have to
stand on when I have nothing else is my God. 
There are 4 words that have been on my heart while listening to the debates and sermons at church. 
This nation was formed on the foundation of God and we wouldn't be here without Him. 
Why is the world so determined to remove Him from the equation when He is the answer and the way? 
Jesus has stood by me faithfully, how shameful of me to not stand by Him. 


Meg G said...

WHenever I find a penny - I read the inscription "In God We Trust" - and it is always a reminder to me to trust Him. Always and with Everything, big and little.
When we glorify Him, He will reward us.

Melanie @ 4Kottez said...

Love this post.