Friday, March 15, 2013

Fab Friday

Linking up with Laura from The Everyday Joys today for Fab Friday.  As always I enjoy ending the week on a high note and reflecting on all the good that was and is to come. 
Happy Weekend!
~ Week 1 on Weight Watchers is done and I'm down 4.2 lbs so far - total lost since January 1st is 17 lbs!
~ Olivia loves school and it has really made a difference in my work week.  Originally I was working early days every day but now I work one long day (Wednesday) and get to leave super early (9am) on Fridays!
~ Mommy/Daughter date this afternoon - taking my girl to the childrens museum.
~ My new eye shadow pallette from Sephora.  I love all of the colors!
SEPHORA COLLECTION - Moonshadow Baked Palette - In The Nude
Moonshadow Baked Pallette - In the Nude
~ A lunch date with one of my favorite people tomorrow.
~ My 30 for 30 Challenge.  I'm excited to see where this takes me. 
~ A new blog name/design is in the works with Jess from Wrangling Chaos.  It will be a while but I know it will be worth the wait!
That's all for today - head over to Laura's blog and link up to share what fabulous things happened to you this week!
The Everyday Joys


Meg G said...

You are doing so great! You are definitely helping me stay motivated to keep exercising and eating right.

Can't wait to see your new blog design either! I keep telling myself that I should do it but I just keep dragging my feet and questioning my devotion to blogging enough to justify a blog design. We will see.

Enjoy your girls afternoon!

Karen said...

The Children's Museum sounds like fun :) Hope you guys have a great time! And great job with the weight watchers too! Happy Friday!!

Sonya said...

Awesome loss! & that pallete looks really pretty, I always need the kind to tell me where to put the shades, haha.