Thursday, March 21, 2013

Little NSV Changes

When I started this weight loss journey I knew for a fact that I needed to start making healthier food choices. I also knew that working out would become part of my new routine but right now I am focusing on taking one step at a time. Since January I've lost 18 lbs. I've also started doing little things here and there to help incorporate more moving into my life.

Taking the stairs - I was an elevator girl. The stairs at work are literally right next to the elevator but I'd bypass them every morning and push the up arrow instead. I probably could have made it upstairs and to my office before the elevator even opened since it’s so old and slow but I chose to be lazy. Now, I take the stairs every day. Sometimes I even go up, back down and up again to get a few more steps in. Silly, but it's movement.

Jumping Rope - does anyone remember how easy it used to be to jump rope? Well, it’s not that easy anymore! I bought one the other day at Target for $5.99. I figured it wouldn't require me to leave the house and I could go in the garage and jump after Olivia's in bed every night. It's way harder than I thought it would be. Y first attempt I struggled to jump 10 consecutive times so I kept starting over. When I finally did it I exclaimed 'yeah!!' and put the jump rope down - finally!

Jumping jacks - also something that used to be easy and now I'm sure I look like a fool, but again, it's movement. I never want to do them in front of a mirror though! In my office at work I’ll get up randomly throughout the day and do 10-20 jumping jacks, sit back down and start working again. Let’s hope no one walks in my office without knocking and sees me acting crazy!

Running in place - this is also something I do in my office or at home. Just run in place while counting to 50. Easy enough.

At the beginning of my journey I joined a gym and while they have awesome hours - open 24 hrs - the only time I can go is before work which for me is 3:00 am. That means waking up at 2:50, driving there, work out till 4:00, shower, get ready and make it to work for 5:00. Times when I actually did this I was so exhausted from losing sleep that I could hardly function. For now, these little changes I've incorporated are going to have to do until we have nicer weather and can exercise outside.

Head over to KTJ's blog and link up to share your NSV!


Ashlee said...

Hey lady I am visiting again from the link-up! Awesome NSV's this week, and you are right, these little changes will make a huge difference! Jumping rope really sucks!! Its funny how we could do those things with such ease when we were younger. It is a killer workout though!! I would never get up that early to go to the gym, haha just saying!! Great job this week!

Meg G said...

FINALLY! Now I know what NSV stands for!

I was at Target last night and I forgot to pick up a jump rope! Dang! I'm sure I will be there this weekend so I will make myself remember. And that is such a good idea to do jumping jacks and stuff in your office. I will be starting that today. Thanks for the ideas.

You are doing such an amazing job, Laura!

Amy said...

Over from the link up.

I was pretty positive I was a jump rope pro on the school playground and figured it was like riding a bike, you don't forget how.

When I tried it at the gym, I techically remembered how..but now, boobs are bouncing and other parts are flapping and clapping.

BUT you inspired me to break it out and try again. Here Here to the simple things you can do with little or no equipment.

Jenn said...

Hi Laura! I'm popping over from the linkup and am so happy I did - what great NSV's this week! 2:50?? AM??? THAT, my dear, is dedication!! I think I'm getting up to use the bathroom for the 3rd time in the night at 2:50am, lol!!

Katie J said...

Great post! Honestly, jumping rope is hard work! It is awesome that you've lost 18 pounds since January, but even more awesome how many changes you've made. You've formed some awesome new habits! Way to go! Thank you so much for linking up and sharing :)

Honeybee GB said...

One step at a time. That's my motto :) That are great ideas how to incorporate more moving into our everyday life. I'm going to suggest this to my friend. She always complain about not having enough time to exercise. Congrats on your NSV this week.


Julie D said...

Great job! Every extra step counts!

Another great way I've found to add some steps is to walk up and down aisles at the grocery store!

I wish I had stairs to climb, but there are no stairs anywhere I go. said...

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