Wednesday, March 20, 2013

So What! Wednesday

First and foremost - I'm jumping on the bandwagon to tell you all to follow me on BLOGLOVIN.  Google reader is going away (although I never used it) so bloglovin is taking its place.  I've joined and started reading my blog feed there and let me tell you, it's awesome!  So, go and follow me there.  It's super simple to just transfer all the blogs you're following from blogger to bloglovin.

Now onto the good stuff - today I'm linking up with Shannon from Life After I Dew for So What! Wednesday.  Here's what I have to say so what to this week.....

~ So what - if it snowed yesterday, I mean, it's on March, spring today to be exact.  I'm over it!

~ So what - if since buying my new eye shadow palette I'm a bit obsessed and ordered a few new colors from MK to try out.

~ So what - if my husband and I have already started Christmas shopping for Olivia.  We got some really good deals on things we wanted to get her, we couldn’t pass them up.  This is the first time I've ever, ever started Christmas shopping this early - well, early at all!

~ So what - if all said Christmas presents are currently on the floor of my bedroom closet.  They're taking up so much space and I need to move them downstairs but haven’t gotten around to it.

~ So what - if my family has been eating fruit salad like crazy these past 2 weeks.  We have spent so much money (and time) making it but it's so delicious, healthy and 0 points!

~ So what - if I joined Weight Watchers almost 2 weeks ago.  I was struggling with tracking calories and felt like I needed a bit more structure.  I'm happy with the program so far....and my 4.2lb weight loss during week 1.

That's all I have to say So What to this week.  Head over to Shannon's blog and link up too!

So What Wednesday


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Alena Pidala said...

Weight Watchers is the best. I KEEP saying I have to join, but I never "get there." No more excuses right!? I can not believe you started Christmas Shopping! I think that is absolutely awesome. I try to start early, but then i start to buy more and more, and end up with so much stuff it is ridiculous. Talk about no self control!! :) Linking up from Life After I "Dew."