Tuesday, March 5, 2013

New Hampshire Vacation - 2013

I posted about our first day of vacation here... but I didn't come back to finish, so here I am. 
I'll let most of the pictures speak for themselves.  It was gorgeous!  The mountain views were beautiful and breath taking.  I was constantly in awe of the beauty He has created. 
Driving through the vast mountain-scape's I felt so insignificant compared to how grand the mountains are.  They're so majestic and beautiful.  The pictures don't do them justice and barely capture their beauty.
Olivia had a blast and it was so fun watching her have fun. 
We drove up Thursday, checked in and walked around the center of the town we were staying in.  They have a bunch of little shops and a train station which Olivia loved.  
 photo 094_zps689213a4.jpg
Friday morning we went to breakfast, shopped, drove around to take in the scenery and took Olivia on a horse drawn sleigh ride.  She was in heaven!
 photo 126_zps4f97a02e.jpg 
Saturday we decided to take a ride down the Kancamangus Highway.  Bad idea.  I've been on this road before so I figured no big deal..... 45 minutes into our drive down this one road and we had no cell phone service, the GPS couldn't locate us and there were moose, deer and bear crossing signs every few miles.  Thank God Olivia was asleep so the ride was less stressful and I could concentrate. 
This road literally goes through, up and over a mountain. 
At one point, when my anxiety was at its peak I turn a corner to see a warning sign for a steep incline ahead paired with a sign saying "you're at 3000 feet elevation" - GREAT! 
We finally made it to the town we were heading to and the first thing we asked a local was directions for another way out!  We got another route, took us 2 hours, but it was so worth it. 
 photo 079_zpseac98918.jpg
After lunch we took Olivia to the local children's museum which was a blast.  We practically had the place to ourselves!  Then we spent more time in town.
 photo Museumcollage_zps57fab40c.jpg

Sunday was our last day.  We woke up to snow which was beautiful.  The road we were staying on was plowed and clean but once we got to the main route to leave New Hampshire it was awful.  The road is 75 miles long and we drove 13 miles in 45 minutes.  It was snowing so heavily that visibility was low and the roads were slippery and dangerous.  We stopped at the first hotel we saw and checked in.  We made the most of being snowed in.  My husband walked to the general store across the street, bought a sled and we took Olivia sledding which she loved!  Made for a good nap and a solid nights sleep.  Monday morning, we headed home and back to reality.
 photo 252_zpsffe345db.jpg
 photo 261_zpsd1e97b04.jpg


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