Wednesday, March 13, 2013

So What! Wednesday

Linking up with Shannon today for SWW. 

~ So what if I haven't had coffee in over a week.  Other than having a headache the first day, I'm feeling good and don't miss it.  (never thought I'd say that)

~ So what if this past weekend I bought my first ever eye-shadow palette from Sephora.  I've always just bought individual colors and for some reason it made me all excited buying a palette.

~ So what if Olivia thinks she gets ice cream after school each week.  On her first day of school we celebrated by taking her out for ice cream and last night when I was telling her about going to school tomorrow she says "and then we go get ice cream!"

~ So what if Olivia wasn’t the least bit affected by daylight savings time.  Thank God!

~ So what if I want to get a blog makeover and change my blog name - too bad I have no idea how to change the name and I don’t want to lose the connections and friends I've made so I probably won’t.

~ So what if my little blog only has 80ish followers... it's grown from 30 - 80 this year alone and when we hit 100 I'm going to do a giveaway - so - send your friends!

~ So what if I'm super excited about a post I have scheduled for tomorrow.  This idea has been on my heart for a while and I'm glad I'm finally putting it into motion.  Check back and see what it's all about.
So What Wednesday


RC Cola said...

I am addicted to Sephora and I don't care who knows it! Palettes are wonderful. The last palette I bought was a lipstick palette and I love it.

80-is followers?! That's great! I am a new blogger and currently have no followers, so even 30 is impressive to me. How long have you been blogging now?

I'm totally checking back tomorrow for your next post!

Happy Wednesday!
(Visiting from "Life After I Dew")

Alena Pidala said...

Found you from the link up! Can't wait to see what you have up your sleeve for tomorrow! I am a new blogger, and am obsessing over it- so wonderful you have 80 followers! :)