Monday, March 11, 2013

The Great Date Experiment

Our Sunday school class is a group of young married couples, most of which have children and were starting the Andy Stanly series on "staying in love."  To kick off our 8 week class, this past Saturday {3/2/13} our teachers planned a date night deemed The Great Date Experiment." 
They put together a packet of things to do, topics to discuss, questions to answer and times in our relationships to reminice about - and they provided free babysitting!
All the couples met at church beforehand, dropped off our children, were served hors derves and given our packets.  Where we wanted to go and what we wanted to do was up to us.  Joe surprised me and we went to Fred and Steve's Steakhouse in a local casino, a place that we wouldnt have been able to go with Olivia since she's not allowed in the building. 
Neither of us had ever been there before and it was perfect.
 photo E01AFAE1-4102-45AE-83E3-4ED3E8CDDCDB-1912-000001E587F8277C_zps497c2684.jpg
We were seated by a window overlooking the rest of the casino and a live band. 
 photo 9FCE034D-62DC-4EF2-8917-70CC249E0693-2265-0000028A184C494B_zpsab1e702f.jpg
Our waiter was amazing and super attentive.  The service was great and the food was amazing.  
 photo 045A0988-37C8-4482-ADA7-1D72E1A7E2FF-2265-0000028B14C1EC5B_zpsff0360b1.jpg 
Joe and I got to talk and laugh and sit and eat without any interruption.  We talked about how far we've come in our relationship, things that we hope for our future, how much we love our daughter and are so, so blessed to be her parents.  We answered the questions in the packet about the beginning of our relationship, what we did to impress the other, where we'd want to live if anything was possible, our dream vacation and we even added in some questions of our own.  
We laughed a lot and there were even a few emotional moments shared. 
We held hands, kissed, hugged and just truly enjoyed our time together - alone.  


Meg G said...

That food looks SO good! Glad you two got some time alone. It makes such a difference when you can pay attention with one another without any little 3ft distractions.

KellyAnne Scott said...

I am so happy that ya'll enjoyed this! What church do you go to? I go to Brown's Bridge Community. I love dates like this where you really fall back in love. They are so important.

MSDeyle said...

Date nights can really be magical. :) I love the idea of grouping up with other couples to avoid babysitter fees!

I also think it's nice to have some guidance with date nights... sometimes I'm too exhausted to be creative by the time date night comes around.