Friday, December 21, 2012

Fab Friday

Today I'm linking up with Laura from Between the Lines for her Fab Friday series.  It's nice to end the week reflecting on all the fabulous things that happened instead of dwelling on the not-so-good.
Today I want to share a few fab things we have going on -
~ Merry Christmas!  This is the last weekend before the big day and I have a ton of shopping to do.  While others may dread shopping on the last weekend before Christmas I actually kind of enjoy the rush, the hustle and bustle and the cheeriness of it.  I know that sometimes people can get to be not so nice during this time because they're all rushing around like busy bees but I plan on grabbing a coffee, my husband, Olivia and hitting the stores with a smile on my face!
~ This morning I made my usual stop at Dunkin Donuts but the drive thru line was really long so I decided that I'd just head inside to order instead.  With it being the Friday before Christmas, it seemed like a good "random act of kindness" day so I paid for the coffee of the man behind me.  His reaction was so funny when the cashier told him I'd taken care of his bill.  He said "Well sh*t, it's my lucky day!"  So I laughed and explained that since there's so much bad in the world, it's nice to do something good for a stranger and I asked him to please pay it forward.  He thanked me, I walked away and watched as he stood there and bought the order for the woman behind him.  It was awesome to see kindness transcend right away.  Good start to my day!
~ I spent 2 full afternoons this past week staining and polyurethaning part of Olivia's Christmas present.  We bought her really nice wooden doll furniture (a bed, stroller and highchair) for her baby dolls but I decided last night that I wasn't happy with how it had turned out and I'd rather it be white instead of a pinkish stain.  So, I grabbed some sand paper and sanded away all my hard work.  How is this fabulous you ask?  Well, I realized I didn't like it before Christmas day so I have this whole weekend to get my behind in the garage and make them beautiful for my baby girl!
~ I am so excited about our Christmas Eve service at church.  I know it's going to be fabulous so I can't wait to experience it with my husband for the first time.
A friend of mine from church wrote this amazing poem to honor and shed light on the horrific tragedy in Newtown, CT.  It's beautiful.
Between the Lines

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Angela @ Honey, I Shrunk the Mom said...

Hi! I'm popping in from the blog link up. :)
I love your positive attitude! And aren't random acts of kindness just the BEST?! It feels sooo good to do something nice for others completely out of the blue.
As a matter of fact, I will have a post on that very thing either tomorrow or Sunday.
Hope you have a Merry Christmas and also hope the doll furniture turns out exactly like you hope! :)