Thursday, December 6, 2012

Olivia Says

My sweet Olivia is 26 months old.  I really can’t believe she's 2.  I get this anxious feeling sometimes when I look at her and she just looks so big.  So much like a kid instead of a toddler or a baby.  It's true what people say, when you have children, the time just disappears.  I can’t even say it flies by, it's just gone.  Sometimes the difficult days seem slow and long but in the grand scheme of things, time is just going too fast and even though my daughter is only 2, I need it to slow down.  I wish she would stop growing, just for a little bit so I can enjoy each stage just a little longer. 

It's also true when people say that kids do and say the funniest things.  Here's Olivia's most recent funnies.

~ this past weekend my husband and I and friends were out to lunch.  Olivia was sitting on the booth next to me and she stands up, points across the restaurant and yells "look Mommy, it's SANTA!"  I turn my head and there's a man, and his wife, standing up ready to leave the restaurant and sure enough he has a long white beard.  He heard her and was laughing.  If yelling it once wasn’t enough, she did it again!  They laughed and waved and so did we, but oh my gosh.  Talk about embarrassing!

~ Lately she's been calling me little pet names.  Whenever I talk to her I usually say "baby or honey or sweetie so now when she talks to me she uses the same terms of endearment like "I love you Mommy honey."

~ she gives herself little pep talks when she's afraid of something or upset about something.  She's recently decided she's afraid of sharks, but not baby sharks, just mommy and daddy sharks.  I hear her talking to her baby dolls saying "baby shark is so cute, he's friendly, we hug him, mommy and daddy shark is big, we not afraid, we try not be afraid of mommy and daddy shark, we love baby shark so much honey."

~ I'm not sure where she picked this up but she likes to play "Super YaYa" (she calls herself YaYa).  She yells "Super Yaya!" puts her arms up like she's flying and runs around.  She also likes us to play Super Mommy, Super Daddy, Super Papa and Super Grandma.

~ The other day I was cooking and I said "Olivia, don’t touch the oven, it's hot.  You got it kid?"  I was just joking with her by saying "you got it kid" but now she uses that to answer everything I say.  Our conversations look something like this....
"Olivia, please don’t touch the dogs water ok?" 
"Ok, Mommy, I got it kid!"

She has us laughing constantly.  She's so funny and she knows when she's being funny because she'll put her hand over her mouth when she's laughing and double over as if she's laughing so hard!  I love this child more than anything.  This love, my love for her is so much, so big, so indescribable, so rich and full, so overwhelming, so scary, so amazing.   


SEL said...

Haha! Love the santa comment.

M reassures herself too! "I'm not scared. They're not scary! No, they're our friends, Momma!"

Two year olds are hilarious. And so fun!

Meg G said...

How cute! I can't wait until Avery talks (in a language we can understand)!

Callie Nicole said...

Oh my gosh, she sounds like so much fun!