Wednesday, December 12, 2012


It's Wednesday again and you all know what that means. 
I'm linking up with Shannon from Life After I Dew for her So What! Wednesday series.
This week I'm saying So What! if...
~ I'm still hoping to get more responses and advice in regards to yesterdays post.  There are a few women who go to my church that read my blog so I'm hoping they will chime in.  I received a few heartfelt emails that I have yet to respond to and I'm so, so thankful for them.
~ Olivia is constantly amazing me with things she does and says.  She's so, so smart!  We talk to her about everything and last night she grabbed a pillow and blanket, laid down on the fireplace and told me she was "waiting for Santa and Jesus' birthday!"  I know she understands who Santa is but I didn't know she understood the details!

Don't mind the fancy baby gate in the fireplace.  O is obsessed with going into the fireplace, throwing her toys in there etc. etc. etc.  We got tired of having a 2 year old covered in soot... so hence, the baby gate.
~ I'm excited for our upcoming busy weekend - family Christmas party, nephews birthday party, dance, church and family time.
~ We took Olivia to LaSalette last night and let her stay up way past her bedtime.  She loved it and we're the parents so we can break the rules! 

LaSalette 2012
~ The bottom half of our Christmas tree has no ornaments on it.  I mean, it DID at one time but there's this certain someone who lives in my house and happens to be right about that height that has assumed the ornaments as new toys for her to play with. 
~ I wrapped all of Olivia's Christmas presents and feel like I need to buy her more.  It's this weird balance between knowing she has enough and wanting to give her the world. 


Jessica said...

I can really relate to wanting to buy more presents for the kiddo. My son is about 6 months younger than your daughter and I tried not to go crazy this year for him. Especially since I know his grandparents and aunts and uncles will buy him tons since he's the only grandchild so far. But part of me is annoyed because I know that we bought him less than he will probably get from them. And shouldn't his parents get him the best stuff? Regardless, I'm sure our house will look like a daycare exploded after Christmas.

Melanie @ 4Kottez said...

That picture of her in front of the fire place is precious.

Romantic Savy said...

Love the mantle! She is so precious! :)