Wednesday, December 19, 2012

So What! Wednesday

It's time for another edition of So What! Wednesday....
~ So what if I'm still buying Christmas presents... and will probably finish my shopping this weekend.  The weekend before Christmas.  I'm crazy for waiting so long and not looking forward to it at all.
~ So what if I'm still finishing Olivia's main presents... we bought her really nice wooden doll furniture (a bed, stroller and highchair) for her baby dolls but they came unfinished.  I'm staining them a pinkish color but I've only half finished one piece... I really need to get my act together.
~ So what if we skipped church this past weekend.  With the events on Friday in Sandy Hook CT, a super stressful weekend and another sinus infection I just wanted to stay home in bed.  So I did.  I really missed the service but I needed the rest.
~ So what if I'm wishing for snow on Christmas.  It will be magical for Olivia to have a white Christmas and I would love to have dinner and take her outside to play in the snow!
~ So what if I can't wait for our Christmas Eve service at church.  This will be my first year attending at our new church and I've heard it's beautiful.
~ So what if I almost drove away from Dunkin Donuts without my coffee this morning.  It was early and I was tired and I have a lot on my mind.  Thank God I didn't leave without it.  It would have been a long, long day with no caffeine.
~ So what if I'm trying to come up with ways to bless someone this Christmas season.  I love random acts of kindness and I'm trying to think of a creative way to do something similar to our Thanksgiving blessings.
~ So what if I absolutely love my new blog header made by the awesome Jess from Wrangling Chaos!  She has a new blog design website up and for the month of December she's running a sale for half off premade blog headers!!!  Go check out the designs she has to offer and mention the code holiday for half off!
So What Wednesday

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Jess @ Wrangling Chaos said...

It looks so cute! i'm glad you're happy with it.