Wednesday, December 5, 2012

So What! Wednesday

It's Wednesday again, and I'm linking up with Shannon from "Life After I Dew" for So What! Wednesday. 
~So what if I bake when I'm stressed.  This week I've made Mickey Mouse cookies, Christmas cupcakes and I have the plans for peanut butter blossoms this afternoon.
~ So what if I burnt the Mickey Mouse cookies to a crisp because I forgot they were in the oven.  ...and so what if I tried to hide them from Olivia by throwing them in the trash but she saw them anyways and cried. 
~ So what if my daughter started saying "shut up" because I slipped and said it to the dogs when they were barking at the mail man.  I've corrected her a million times but now she's just saying "no no shut up, don't say the words" instead.  Either way it still sounds bad.
~ So what if I can't wait for the new year so I have vacation time again!  I've used my 4 weeks already and I can't wait until it's accrued again.
~  So what if Olivia saw a man with a long white beard and yelled out in the middle of a crowded restaurant
"MOMMY IT'S SANTA!!!!" while pointing at said man. 
~ So what if she not only yelled it out once, but twice.  He smiled and waved but I was mortified.
That's all for So what Wednesday this week.
Thanks for the prayers from this post.  Although at this point I can't elaborate on the situation, all people I requested prayers for did just fine on Monday and we're now waiting for the next step.

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Sarah said...

Hi Laura! New follower from SWW! I'm jealous that you just bake when you're stressed.... I just eat. :) And what a great story about Olivia calling that man Santa... I'm sure when Drew gets to that age we'll have some incidents like that!