Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas Breakfast

For Christmas breakfast I wanted to make something fun for Olivia. 
I recently read a post (or saw an instragram - I don't remember) from
Katie @ Loves of Life where she used cookie cutters to make eggs in a basket, Christmas style!
I was sold.

Our little Christmas breakfast was so adorable and easy to make... 

Not to mention it was a huge hit with Olivia who loves eggs and toast!


Since Olivia likes scrambled eggs, I scrambled one egg in a bowl. 
Chose my cookie cutter shape and cut the hole in the bread. 
Put a little margarine on each side, placed it in a pan and let it cook for about a minute on low. 
Pour the egg into the cut out shape, let it cook a bit and then flip it over.
Cook the egg to whatever consistency you like and that's it. 

We served ours with a bit of ketchup and a sippy cup of milk!




Tatiana said...

How cute! I love doing that!

Alyssa said...

So cute and seemingly simple!