Monday, December 12, 2011

Christmas Projects

Thanks to Pinterest (follow me HERE) I had a bunch of Christmas craft ideas that I wanted to make and I finally got around to one! 

This has got to be the cheapest Christmas wreath ever.  I used shatterproof dollar store ornaments in a variety of sizes, foam pipe insulation from Home Depot so I could make a big wreath and a TON of hot glue!

Final result...

The whole corner

My dad also worked on this sleigh project for a while and he finally finished in time for us to put it out for display and use it for our Christmas card picture.  Olivia did such a great job sitting in the sleigh!  This is the picture we're using for our Christmas card! 

Wishing everyone a happy week!



Tatiana said...

CUTE! And love your little girly all ready for the ride of her life. Such a darling :-)

Megan said...

That wreath is amazing! I've been wanting to make one. And wow, talk about adorable Christmas card picture!! I love it!!