Monday, December 19, 2011

Olivia's Feet

Olivia has been walking for about a month now
and this past weekend I noticed that she's positioning her feet funny. 
Her ankle and inner foot is almost rolled inwards and her outer foot where her pinky toe is, is up. 
She's putting most of the pressure on her inner foot & ankle area.  See pic below.
This picture is taken from behind, her left foot is worse than her right foot.  See how she's standing on her foot rolled inwards but more on her ankle?

                                       She walks well and now that she does know how to walk,
she prefers it over crawling so I'm not concerned with pain
but rather with the formation of her foot & ankle. 

We are going to see a Pediatric Orthopedic specialist tomorrow at 10:15am. to have her checked out.  I
'm so thankful for my friend who's dealt with her fair share of her son's foot problems,
he has clubfeet. 
She was able to help me find a great doctor in the area and
give me some good information on what to expect.

Obviously I'm still worried because anytime something is potentially wrong with your child,
as a mother, you freak the heck out but
thank God I didn't have to wait long for an appointment.

Last night I didn't sleep much thinking about her little chubby feet and of course all these irrational thoughts flooded my mind...
...what if she cant walk? (wait, she's already walking)
...what if it's a syndrome or a condition - like not just a fixable physical issue?
...what if she needs to wear braces on her feet like Forest Gump?
...what if this affects her for life and she cant play sports?
...what if the doctors cant help her?

Obviously we are just at the beginning of this and this is small beans compared to what some families go through but it's still making me nervous for my baby girl.

I'll update tomorrow after the appointment.

Until then, please keep my girl in your prayers.


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