Monday, December 5, 2011

A Santa Story

Friday night, a friend and I went to dinner with Olivia at a local restaurant.  It was pretty busy and nearby there was a family of 3, Mom, Dad and little boy around 6.  I heard him talking the entire length of their dinner about another patron who was there eating that looked just like Santa.  Funny thing is, the guy, did look just like Santa.  Red coat, blue eyes, wire rimmed glasses, long white beard and long white hair.  He sat with his wife in a corner booth unaware of this little boys accusations that "he was Santa!"

As the family was getting ready to leave, the little boy walked over to Santa, tapped him on his shoulder and sweetly asked "excuse me, are you Santa?"  Now, this man had no idea that this was coming.  He didn't skip a beat and answered, "why, yes I am!"  I couldn't hear the rest of the conversation but, Santa let the little boy sit on his lap for about 10 minutes with a full blown conversation about what he wanted for Christmas.  When he was done, his parents thanked this kind man and took their son and left. 

Then the entire restaurant erupted in applause for this kind soul, Santa.  Seriously, I was in tears.  He made that little boys night.  Just imagine how he must have felt, how his parents must have felt that this complete stranger just went right along with it and made this little boys night.  Unbelievable!  It was just such a heart warming moment.

This, my friends, is what the Christmas season is all about!


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Hanna said...

I wanted to come by and give a big heart felt thank you on my weight loss story. It isn't easy and I now many of us struggle so deeply. Many blessing to you my friend

xoxoxo Hanna