Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Crazy Shenanigans!

Seriously, this week has been full of me feeling like any minute
I'm going to turn around and be "on Candid Camera!"

Yesterday when I got home from work, I let the dogs out and when I let them back in my little one stunk. 
I wasn't sure what had happened and then I saw it... she rolled in sh*t!!
Mind you, she had a bath this past weekend, I guess she wasn't a fan of being clean.
Since she now had smeared herself with crap, off to the bath we went.  Don't worry, she's clean again.
...and she's really lucky she's cute.

Monday morning, after a particularly restless sleep,
I woke up, took a shower and as I was putting make-up on, I noticed it. 
What a horrible way to start the week!  I'm only 28 for goodness sake.  I don't even know how to fix this. 
I dye my hair every so often, guess my eyebrows will be taking a bath in the brown dye too! 

Online Christmas shopping has really been a savior for me this year. 
I don't have time or the energy to battle the crowds at the store after working all day
so this weekend I was looking online for a specific hat for my father. 
Well, in my haste, I just left the internet page up, walked away and forgot about it. 
My Dad went to use the computer and what's the first thing that pops up - a motorcycle hat website...
Great way to ruin the surprise. 

Our conversation goes like this:
Dad - "Laura, if you're looking for a gift for someone,
you should make sure you close the page when you're done." 
Me - "Do you like the hat?" 
Dad - "Yes, it's nice."
Me - "OK, good!"

I kind of feel like I'm living out the bloopers right now!

Merry Christmas.



Alyssa said...

I love online shopping! What is better than shopping in the comfort of your own home!?

stephanie said...

what a cutie doggy!!! and i second online shopping. it's the way to go!