Wednesday, January 4, 2012

2011 Reflections

A little late but what the heck...

As 2011 comes to a close there are so many things that I'm grateful for this past year. 
Most importantly, 2011 was my first full year as a mother and as a wife. 

Let's recap, shall we?

~January 2011~
Olivia was baptized
Last month of maternity leave

~February 2011~
Hubby celebrated his 28th birthday
Went back to work full time

~March 2011~

~April 2011~
Olivia's 1st Easter
Easter dinner with The Degnan's

~May 2011~
Celebrated my 1st Mother's Day
Olivia's 1st trip to the zoo

~June 2011~
Celebrated Marissa graduating from highschool
Hubby celebrated his 1st Father's Day
Olivia's went to her 1st baseball game

~July 2011~
Olivia's 1st 4th of July
Olivia gets her 1st tooth

~August 2011~
I celebrated turning 28
1st family vacation to Old Orchard Beach Maine

~September 2011~
Trip to the New England Aquarium in Boston

~October 2011~
Celebrated Olivia's 1st Birthday!!
Olivia went Trick or Treating for the 1st time

~November 2011~
Olivia's 2nd Thanksgiving
Olivia starts walking!

~December 2011~
Celebrated Olivia's 2nd Christmas
Olivia starts RUNNING!
Started blogging regularly

So, as you can see, I didnt keep track of everything as nicely as
I'd have liked to last year which is why I'm grateful for blogging now because
one of my goals for 2012 is to document our lives a bit better!

I have so many future posts in mind but I've been feeling under the weather
and havent uploaded any pictures to my home computer so they are on hold for now.


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Emily w/Amazing Grapes said...

Great recap. I think that's what's great about blogging. It really keeps a great track when we want to look back at things.

I hope you feel better.
Emily at Amazing Grapes