Friday, January 6, 2012

Olivia is 15 Months Old!

My sweet girl is 15 months old.  Here is a highlight of some things she knows and loves to do!

Girlfriend has started climbing everything lately. 
She's particularly interested in the blinds and tries her hardest
to reach the choking hazard cord all the time.

She loves this little book called "100 First Animals"
She got it for Christmas and hasn't put it down since. 
She points to all the animals and asks "what's that?" in the sweetest little Minnie Mouse voice.

She knows the sounds that elephants, dogs, cats, owls, guinea pigs and lions make
and she says them when I ask.

Her favorite picture in the book is the Spider... 
She loves to sing "the itsy bitsy spider" poor girl is sure to be
traumatized when she realized what a spider really is!

Her favorite place to get into mischief is the dogs water bowl. 
She constantly circles it in an attempt to plunge her chubby little fingers into the water. 
When she's on her way to the water bowl and hears us coming she always walks
a little faster to try to beat us there...and most of the time she does!

She loves Elmo and Mickey Mouse and becomes entranced by the shows on TV when we let her watch.

She loved looking at Christmas lights this year and we took her to
LaSalette Shrine to see their display called the Festival of Lights. 
It was so pretty!

Here's my husband and Olivia in front of their gorgeous Manger.

You bring such joy to our lives. 
You have us laughing all the time with your funny ways! 
You're so inquisitive, always asking "what's that?" 
You certainly keep us on our toes too with all your climbing and water bowl playing! 
You're the sweetest little soul.  You are so gentle and loving. 
You are so generous with hugs and kisses and we love to receive them! 
You love talking on the phone and playing with all electronics. 
You've unprogrammed all the remotes in the house countless times. 
You put Pepere's cell phone in his slippers and you steal the cordless phone by the bed all the time!
We love you more than words could ever describe!  Mommy and Daddy are so proud of you. 


Tatiana said...

I love this age! She's so adorable!

Callie Nicole said...

She is so cute, Laura! Look at all her hair!