Monday, January 16, 2012

Cold Weather and Toddler Entertainment...HELP!

It's cold in New England... like seriously cold. 
It's winter after all so it should be cold but when you have a toddler,
there's only so much time you can stay in the house and just play. 
She gets bored, my husband and I get bored. 
It's not much fun to play with the same old toys or watch
Mickey Mouse 3 times or fill the bathtub with toys or read books all weekend long.
My husband and I have been trying to come up with things to do that don't cost a small fortune. 
Luckily we are able to get into several museums in Boston with our work
badges for free which saves us a TON of money but, it's an hour drive each way.
This weekend I thought going to the mall playground would be fun
for Olivia but there were a lot of older kids there playing
kind of rough and she's only a baby and I was afraid she'd get hurt.  So we turned around and went back home to play with the same old toys, watch Mickey Mouse and fill the bathtub...
...any suggestions for fun things to do with toddlers in the cold weather?


stephanie said...

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Laura said...

We run into this same problem. We just go through all the different activities we have for her to do. Coloring, legos, play-doh, kitchen, etc. We also try to go visit other family or friends that have kids too. That way she can run around and play with them to burn off some energy. A friend gave us a little indoor bounce house that we will blow up sometimes if she is getting super bored. That is awesome for burning off energy and then she wants to relax more afterwards. Winter is tough here too, there just aren't very many activities to do for families that aren't too much money. Sometimes just going to the mall and walking around with her in the stroller is interesting enough... I'm with you about the playground though, too many bigger kids.