Thursday, January 12, 2012

Lunch with my toddler

Yesterday I had an early day from work so
I had the bright idea to ask my husband to take Olivia
and meet me for lunch before he went to work.

I'd been dying to try this Mexican place so we figured this was the perfect opportunity.  
Off we went.  

The second I put Olivia in her highchair, it was all over. 
She was pissed
She cried and tried to climb out and get us to pick her up.

Thankfully the waitress brought over some tortilla chips that we could
munch on so that bought us a whole 5 minutes of quiet.
But as soon as she was done with the chips she was back to her crabby self. 

Now, this is a new occurrence, she's never, ever been difficult to take anywhere. 
Lately, since she started walking, she wants nothing to do with being confined to a highchair.

But, she also isn't old enough to know to stay with us at the table
and not randomly eat things off the floor, so putting her down isn't an option.

Lunch finally came.  I ordered the dish I'd been craving,
steak and Gorgonzola tacos with Mexi rice and a corn muffin.
(tastes good hot, disgusting cold)
Olivia got chicken and cheese quesedilla.
Score right? chicken & cheese, cant go wrong!
She wanted NO part of it. 
My husband thought ordering her some plain chicken would be a better idea...
So add six more bucks to the bill of uneaten food.
Now we had 2 kids meals that both went to waste. 

90% of her food ended up on the floor (which we did clean up)
and she mainly just cried the whole time.

I seriously think that going out to eat with our toddler is over. 


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Tatiana said...

Oh, that's no fun! Sorry girly.
Toddlers can def. be a handful. Mine is getting more and more that way everyday. I am lucky enough that she loves all kinds of food though, even though she is getting a little more picky w her eating.