Monday, January 30, 2012

My Worst Mom Moment Yet...

This weekend was hard.  My husband and I rarely see each other as mentioned in this post,
and I think it's really starting to take it's toll.
Saturday we were discussing finances and other random
things that matter when you're a married couple and it turned into an argument. 
We were both getting frustrated and angry with each other and we let our frustration
get out of control. 
I didn't want to argue with a baby on my hip so I put her in her bedroom to play while we sorted things out. 
We're both quite stubborn so neither one of us wanted to budge.... it lasted about 30 minutes. 
But those 30 minutes we're pretty intense..., I know people argue but we made a promise to never expose our daughter it. 
So, Olivia played alone in her room for 30 minutes. 
That may not sound horrible but when we gave up and gave in,
I went into Olivia's room and my poor girl had fallen asleep on her floor. 
When I walked into her room and saw my angel asleep on the floor
my heart broke into a million pieces and I started sobbing.
I felt like a horrible mother
My husband and I were being selfish and took time away from our
daughter to argue about something we really shouldn't have let escalate in the first place.
I picked Olivia up and put her down in her crib. 
She finished her nap where she should have been,
but when she woke up, she was upset. 
Really, really upset. 
She woke up crying and she never does that. 
My girl usually wakes up talking and laughing, but this time, she was scared and sad.
Olivia shouldn't have had to hear us argue. 
She was probably afraid in her room because we were upset and
God knows babies sense tension so I can only imagine how upset that made her. 
It took us a while to calm her down.   
Believe me, this is not my best Mom moment. 
I'm still feeling guilty about it but let me just say, LESSON LEARNED. 
I will NEVER, EVER allow that to happen again.  
This was my worst Mom moment yet.   

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Alyssa said...

I can totally understand why you think you're a bad mother but you definitely aren't! No one is perfect and things happen! She's lucky to have a mother who cares so much! :)