Monday, October 22, 2012

I'm not lucky.

....I'm blessed
I get such a funny feeling when people call me lucky. 
I mean, I never felt this way before but now that I know Jesus, I do.
Today in particular His blessings have been abundant.  Two weeks ago, my husband was in a minor car accident, however, it wasnt his fault.  The insurance appraisal just went through and we received a check in the mail to fix the damage.  I called the body shop and explained that we may not fix the physical damage to the door of the car because we have other mechanical problems with the car that are more imporatnt for our family's safety and we cant afford to fix both.  The owner of the shop asked me what specific items needed to be fixed so I explained, tie rods, sway bar links and O2 sensor. 
Our previous estimate was around $400. 
Without skipping a beat, he said, "ok, no problem, we'll fix it all and incorpirate it into the appraisal price"
My daughters 2nd birthday is coming up and to coordinate with her Minnie Mouse party theme, we've been looking for an outfit with Minnie on it for her to wear.  We found a few but they were out of our price range.  Today, my husband went to the mall to look quickly and just hanging all alone on the end of a rack was the most adorable Minnie outfit in my daughters size and on clearance for 1/2 price! 
Sometimes the blessings are big and sometimes small - honestly, today I've experienced one of each and both were equally as exciting and helpful to us. 
Anytime I'm blessed by God, praises of thanks go up to Him
and I look for a way to bless someone around me.  Now, I need to find a way to pay it forward. 

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Meg G said...

Sorry for blowing up your comments but I don't know why I am coming across these posts now as I scroll through your blog. Weird.

But I don't feel right saying "lucky" either. As a Christian we know it isn't luck - it's God's blessing. I don't believe there is any such thing as "luck".

So I whole-heartily agree with you!