Monday, October 15, 2012

Toddlers & Silence don't mix

This picture has been circulating the web lately and it couldn't be more true! 
When crafting was in full swing for Olivia's 2nd birthday party,
occasionally I needed more time than just after she goes to bed to get things done. 
As I'm wrapping silverware in coordinating pink and black napkins
to go with our Minnie theme I bribed Olivia with a coloring book and some
(thank God washable) markers. 
What was I thinking?  Markers!?!  Good God that was a mistake!
She was doing well, coloring away with the markers and naming off the colors to me, then she asked for some milk.  I left the room for approximately 3.2 seconds to fill her sippy cup and returned to this!
Yea, green and pink cheeks! 
Not exactly the coloring I had in mind. 
After I took some obligatory pictures, I grabbed the baby wipes
and attempted to scrub these (washable) marker drawings off my toddlers face
and it.didn't.budge!
Thank God for blue Dawn, that stuff removes anything! 
Washable my behind. 
Those markers (knock-off dollar store brand) went straight into the trash can!
I can't wait to share the details of Olivia's birthday party that took place over the weekend. 
Check back later this week!


Gina said...

So cute!

Bon Bon said...

ahhhhhh, so true! Before I had my little bebe, I was a nanny. Mr. Clean Magic erasers were my best friend! xoxo