Thursday, October 4, 2012

What a wild ride

Just 2 short years ago, I was holding a squishy pink newborn baby girl in my arms
and now I'm chasing that very same spunky little kid around the house! 

2 years, just a blip on the radar. 
2 years that have flown by, yet dragged on. 

There's really no way to understand how the very same moment can seem long, yet fleeting. 
Some days it all just blends together and others every.single.moment stands out. 
It’s the mix of craziness and calm. 
Smiles and tears.  Giggles and cry's.  Hugs and kisses and boo-boos and tantrums. 
This is what life as a Mother is all about. 

As Olivia approaches 2 years old, I'm feeling a mix of emotions. 
Proud, yet sad.  Happy, yet scared.  Worried, yet excited. 
There are moments when I am overwhelmed by fear of not being needed anymore. 

Olivia is showing so many signs of independence and that makes my Mama-heart ache for the newborn days, yet push her forward being her biggest cheerleader. 
I eagerly look forward to watching her grow, experience life and learn more about who she is and what she likes, yet I'm paralyzed by the sadness that her "babyness" is disappearing before my eyes. 

My baby girl is turning into a little girl.

What a wild ride this thing called Motherhood is.


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Meg G said...

I love this post! She is so cute!